Justin Rogers Raises Awareness for Domestic Violence

Bossier City, LA (KSLA)

As a Bossier City professional athlete ends up his last term of high school, among his objectives is to return to his neighborhood in a different way. For further detail visit https://www.chony.org/

Parkway senior quarterback Justin Rogers will finish early and has currently devoted to Texas Christian University. His last season as a high school professional athlete lasted just one week due to an injury.

He’s still using the momentum he’s developed on the field to assist others. On Saturday early morning, as a part of his senior job, he held a walk to raise awareness on domestic violence.

Justin didn’t mature because kind of environment but he wants to make sure everybody else is safe or visit this https://www.chony.org/ for more details.

” Domestic violence is not like a cancer thing or something you can take medication so how do you avoid it?” Justin stated. “It begins at home with all people got the word out. That’s what encouraged me to do my senior task on domestic violence when you get to searching for stats you and whatever about it. It makes you truly wish to focus because you will not like those chances when you are speaking about your sibling or mom.”.

Justin stated he was influenced by his time at the Elite 11 camp in Los Angeles. A visitor speaker at the occasion captured his attention.

” She asked us who would wish to have fun with those chances when it pertains to your mom your child or your sibling. She stood and she resembled her name is … and she stated her sis’s name and she stated you might call any females in your life and she stated like Hanna then she asked us will yall safeguard her and all of us stated yes. We walked around the entire space from the cam males to everyone by the end of the session we were sobbing it’s insane how you see the information and you do not think of it till you think of your people because of circumstance.”.

Justin’s among the very best high school quarterbacks in the nation and using his platform to get the word out was a must. That’s why he partnered with the Restoration Crisis.

” It’s really extremely important to me because I am a domestic violence survivor really this company RCC assisted me and my family conquered domestic violence. I didn’t know I was going to be here 16 years later so it’s certainly a time to break the silence,” stated Lisa Sweeney the executive director of RCC.

” It suggested a lot to me for him to get out of the package and do something different,” stated Veronica Baker, Justin’s mother. “We prepared the occasion prior to Justin getting hurt, hoping that Justin would really get the chance to stroll but he cannot and we more than happy that individuals came out and still supported Justin and an excellent cause”.

The Walk was a success and the more people that won’t address the issue the much better.

” I do not wish to put their names out there but ladies have been coming near me and stating thank you then they whisper in my ear and they say I was among those ladies but you see these ladies daily but I never ever understood. It simply lets you know that a lot of ladies do not want people to learn about it. stated Justin Rogers. The insane part about it is that the statistics are at 20% but who understands what the genuine numbers are if all the victims are not stepping forward. I’m pleased I had the ability to use my platform, it’s been terrific.”.